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brief in under 100 words

The brief is to create a new band to change the world. Create a music video that will be angry, explosive and in your face. Music these days has become boring, this band will have something to say about the world.


Developing ideas

dddeddddubetsaoAMy music genre is Dubstep. This isn’t a band in the traditional sense, e.g. drummer, guitarist, etc. Dubstep is all about DJ’s and my ‘band’ includes just one member. His name is Dee.┬áDee want to legalise marijuana. He is angry about the hypocrisy of the law which allows alcohol but bans marijuana. In his eyes, and this is backed up by medical research, alcohol is addictive, it is a depressant, it causes cancer, causes 1 million deaths per year, can lead to deadly overdose and destroys brain cells. It costs the police and the NHS billions of pounds per year. On the other hand, Dee argues that marijuana is much safer. It’s non-addicitive, it’s an anti-depressant, it can kill cancer cells, has never caused a fatality, you can’t overdose on it and it actually grows brain cells, especially creative ones. Consequently, it barely costs the NHS and police anything. God made grass. man made booze. who do you trust?

5 Possible names for the act:

1. Dee

2. D-Dope

3. Dopehead

4. The Dope Truth

5. Bud-Wiser

3 Possible Titles for First Single

1. Legalise It

2. Hipocrazy

3. Mary Jane

4. Blunt It

5. Bong Head

6. Gift From God

7. Natural High

8. Creation

Who? Why? What? Where?

dubstep-1My target audience are teenagers, aged 14 to 24. These are the typical ages of people of who listen to Dubstep, which will be the genre of my band. My audience are energetic, they’re a bit crazy. They have a hedonistic attitude. They wear skinny jeans and tee shirts which reveal tattoos. They have modern haircuts, short sides with hair up top. Their drug of choice is weed, this reflects there laid back attitude. They love clubbing and chilling out. They go to Ibiza on holiday where there is a big club scene. They are peaceful people who like companionship. They are entertainers but they are communicating a serious message. They will feature across a number of media platforms. As Dubstep is still an underground scene, they won’t be so easy to find as say big scenes such as rap. They will be found on late night music TV programmes and on Radio 1 dance shows such as the Mary Anne Hobbs Show. They will also have their own You Tube channel.